Bergen’s 17th Annual All-Nighter on Candlewood Lake  

A calm, cloudy and dark night greeted 18 Teams for Bergen’s 17th Annual Open Buddy Tournament held July 22-23 on Candlewood Lake.

Per Pat and Terri at Candlewood Bait and Tackle, say the best night fishing occurs later in the summer. Well it certainly improved from one week earlier when Bergen’s winning point tournament weight was around 15.5 lbs. I predicted that it would take over 18 lbs to win it and I was proved correct.

Bergen Veterans John Ernest and Rob Curtis weighed in 5 slobs for a winning weight of 19.96 lbs. The dynamic duo nailed all of their bass on Bill Vella’s custom made Bustin’ Bass Spinnerbaits and they caught them all night long. Their bag also contained the 2nd largest lunker of the day, a 5.40 smallie!

All in all, various anglers weighed in three smallies over 5 lbs, a good big bass night indeed! Tournament sponsor Anthony DeFelice nailed the overall lunker of the night, a 5.52 largemouth. Our angler participants arrived from four states including CT, NY, NJ and PA. This marks the first time that a Bergen Team has taken First Place with our Candlewood based Night Open and photos of John and Rob with their catch and Championship Trophies are included below.

Also nailing a pay-out was Bill Vella and John Giordano with 16.24 lbs. Brian Mahoney and Jason Mordhorst just missed a cash pay-out but won a Candlewood Bait and Tackle gift pack. John Williams and I won a guided fishing trip with Anthony DeFelice. With 18 Teams, 12 of them won a cash or non-cash award, the Best Open Pay-Out Schedule in the Northeast!

I want to Thank Pat and Terry of Candlewood Bait and Tackle and Anthony DeFelice of Bloodline 203 Fishing for their sponsorship! Please patronize their services and products!      -  Nick Albano                                                

1   Ernest and Curtis                5 bass              19.96
2.  Newsome and Struble         5 bass              18.32
3.  Ogolik and Raguzin             5 bass              18.19
4.  Ruckdeschel and Rosner     5 bass              17.22
5.  Garbarini and Bornn           5 bass              16.35
6. Vella and Giordano              5 bass              16.24
7.  Mordhorst and Mahoney    5 bass              14.76
8.  Lindo and Penn                   5 bass              12.84  
9.  Selawsky and Selawsky      5 bass              12.25
10. Consiglio and Newhart       3 bass              12.16
11. Albano and Williams          5 bass              11.44
12. Stock and Davenport         3 bass              10.15
13. DeFelice and DeFelice       3 bass              10.13  
14. Hart and Malo                  3 bass              6.98
15. McGuire and Owens         3 bass              6.24
16. Izzi and Planer                       DNW
16. Sparone (solo)                       DNW
16. Schvartsman (solo)                DNW