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2016 Bassin' Lane Open - Mohawk FEAST OR FAMINE

Bergen Bassmasters 2017 Bassin' Lane Open on the Mohawk River is now history and will go down as an unusual tournament.

In speaking to the top finishers, lure choices varied from hair jigs to jerkbaits and everything in between. The most difficult obstacle was in finding active bass. Normally, the Mohawk in November would produce limits for everyone.

Perhaps it was a big drop in water temps (around 47) or a sudden change in river current  or a 2 foot drop in water levels but the smallies were hard to locate. Nevertheless, as usual, a few anglers in the know connected with big bags and are commended for their success. A good field of seventeen teams entered the tournament and only eight weighed in any bass. 

1. Aaron Stone / Bob DeMarco 8 Bass 27.51 lbs  Pictured Above 
2. Bill Alexander / Andrew Pruitt 8 Bass 21.29 lbs  
3. Mike Cusano / Jim Morrison 8 Bass 20.40 lbs  
4. Joe Curcurito / Frank Rossetti 8 Bass 20.07 lbs  
5. Larry Andrews / Steve Lemme 8 Bass 19.77 lbs  
6. John Ernest / Doug Giachino 8 Bass 17.90 lbs  
7. Nick Albano / John Hart 5 Bass 9.48 lbs  
8. Wayne Calahan / Ryan Calahan 2 Bass 4.38 lbs  
  Nine teams did not weigh in      
  Lunker smallmouth - 4.03 lbs - Stone and Demarco
  Weather: Variable north wind to around 8 MPH and Partly Sunny
  Water Temps: 47-48 degrees, air tempL 25-29 degrees, water was clear
  Cash Payouts to the TOP 4 Teams

The Bergen Bassmasters THANKS everyone who entered the tournament and the 11/5/17 Bassin' Lane Open date has already been booked with Schoharie Crossing State Park…..Mark your Calendars!



1 Mike Rinaldi  26.61
2 Kris Lechman  24.51
3 John Messing  12.17
4 Greg Trass  10.67
5 Jack Erdei  9.99
6 Dave Lipari  9.26
7 Vinny Rossi  8.26
8 Rich Congero  7.66
9 Vern Gatson  7.48
10 John Williams  5.44
11 Mark Filipinni  4.91
12 Kirk Stober  4.71
13 Justin Scales  4.67
14 Rich Logan 4.07
15 Alan Goldman  2.60
16 Bruce MacConchie  2.59
17 Eddie Schichman  1.22
18 Andy Karcich  DNW
Day 1 Lunker - John Messinger -  4.77
Day 2 Lunker - Mike Rinaldi - 5.41

After two great weather days of pre-fishing Mother Nature reminded us how much  fun it can be in a bass boat on big water with 2-5 foot waves and torrential rain. Saturday wasn't too bad weather wise but Sunday we got it all. 15-20 mph winds and rain Half the field pulled early while the anglers vying for top honors hung in there until 1:00.

Team totals
Team Gatson - 78.10
Team Filippini - 35.97
Team Trass - 32.76

Special thanks to John Ernest who came up to fish and help us out with an extra boat if needed. He weighed in 5.05 on day one. Many of us skunked on day 2. The weather was brutal. Thanks to everyone who helped make this weekend happen.


Candlewood Open Results
July 16-17, 2016

Don’t Believe the Naysayers

Bergen’s 16th Annual Candlewood Night Open was an unusual success. All recent reports indicated that the bass fishing was way off and a 3AM thunderstorm was predicted. When picking up the Gift Packs, Theresa at Candlewood Bait and Tackle suggested that we would be better off with a night tournament in August. But our date was set and the preparations were made months ago. Except for a late cancellation, the boat check and blast off went off without a hitch. The weather was excellent with little or no wind and no rain. Water temps varied between 79 to 81 degrees and the air temp was mild. John Williams and I did not catch a great many bass but our bag included a 4 pound smallie and a 5 pound plus largemouth. We thought that we had around 16 to 17 pounds and perhaps would place in the money. Forget it, we placed 10th but did win the last Gift Pack sponsored by Pat and Theresa of Candlewood Bait and Tackle. This was a big bass tournament with three largemouth's over 5 pounds, one giant Smallie just shy of 6 pounds and a hog largemouth of nearly 8 pounds! The Bergen Bassmaster contingent did well with NINE teams entered and four teams collecting cash or prize pay-outs. Jason Mordhorst and Brian Mahoney just edged out John Ernest and Rob Curtis by 12 ounces. Greg Trass and Big Andrew Trass just missed a cash pay-out by less than 2 ounces. With another Night Open tournament coming up (Gone Fishing Bass Trail Annual Night Open, July 30), you couldn’t gather much information on tactics. Except for one largemouth caught on Pop R, John and I caught all of our bass on Spinner baits. I want to not only congratulated the Top Ten cash and prize winners, but to everyone who signed up for our 10 hour Marathon Event! We will be back at Candlewood in 2017 and hope to max out our field with 30 Teams!

PS: We missed Bustin’ Bass Billy!


1 John McAloney/William Selawsky Jr 5 Bass 21.61
2 John Garbarini/Andrew Bornn 5 Bass 21.30
3 Jim Struble/Dan Peterson  5 Bass 19.32
4 Jason Mordhorst/Brian Mahoney 5 Bass 19.13
5 John Ernest/Rob Curtis 5 Bass 18.68
6 Norm Izzi/Pete Planer  5 Bass 17.92
7 Rob Timms/Ryan Pereiras    5 Bass 17.26
8 Greg Trass/ Andrew Trass  5 Bass 17.12
9 Steve Duffe/Jon Rosner   5 Bass 16.43
10 Nick Albano/John Williams  5 Bass 16.31
11 John Ogolik/Gary Newhart   5 Bass 15.21
12 James Sparone/Joe Reilly  5 Bass 14.35
13 John Hart/Jimmy Geanotis  5 Bass 13.20
14 Robert Stock/Robert Davenport 5 Bass 12.80
15 Justin Scales/Dave Sabatino   5 Bass 12.24
16 Ales Schwartsman   4 Bass 11.21
17 Andy Karcich/Steve Karcich     4 Bass 9.01
18 Frank Freguletti/Eric Lehmann  4 Bass 8.98
19 Andrew Krayewsky/Joe Raguzin   4 Bass 8.62
20 Bruce MacConchie/Jimmy Wagner   3 Bass 5.05
21 DNW Boat    
22 Canx    
Cash Pay-Outs 1 to 7

Candlewood Bait and Tackle Gift Packs 8 to 10  

Lunker Money 1st Place               Duffe/Rosner                    7.66 Largemouth

2nd Place              Garbarini/Bornn              5.94 Smallmouth

Other 5 pounders Albano/Williams               5.68 LMB
McAloney/Selwasky Jr  5.55 LMB
Struble/Peterson             5.54 LMB  

Bergen Thanks Pat and Theresa of Candlewood Bait and Tackle for the Gift Packs
We also want to thanks all the Bergen Guys who fished and helped with the Weigh-In
Special Thanks to Frank Freguletti who coordinated the financials