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Greenwood Lake Report

Scocco Captures 7th Club Victory with Win at Greenwood!

On Saturday, August 22nd, the Bergen Bassmasters conducted their 6th points event of the year. With year-to-date standings having the top anglers only separated by a few points, this event would be important in determining which of those anglers finish in the year-end "top six". The heat of August and summertime boat traffic would have a major impact on the bass in Greenwood Lake.

Mark Club veteran, Mark Scocco claimed his first victory of 1998 and 7th club win with his limit of bass weighing in at 13 pounds even. He built his pattern while pre-fishing the Sunday before and it held up on tournament day producing 16 keepers for Mark and his partner Andy Karcich. Mark fished marinas and an isolated stumprow in the southern half of the lake. His main baits were a 4" black power worm and a Jersey Rigg but he caught a 3 pounder in the final 40 minutes on a Luhr Jensen crankbait that proved to be the fish that gave him the win. Mark stated that the bass were hitting the bait on the fall and the sensitivity of his Daiwa Light and Tough rod enabled him to detect even the lightest bite. In total, he landed 8 keepers and had his limit by 7:50am culling 3 bass throughout the rest of the day.

Placing as the runner-up for the second straight tournament was Steve Rusert. Steve is moving up in the standings with consistant finishes in his last few events. At Greenwood, Steve's limit weighed in at 12 pounds 9 ounces. Although he developed a good weed pattern in practice, Steve followed his gut instinct to concentrate around marinas in the south end of the lake. Steve used a variety of baits including a 7" worm, Slug-go, and a Jersey Rigg to catch his limit by 8am. In total, Steve landed 7 keepers including his "kicker" 4 pounder that was caught around 10:30am.

Finishing in 3rd place and maintaining his lead in the Angler of the Year race was Brian Mahoney. Brian continues his best ever year in Bergen by once again landing a limit of bass, his 5th limit in 6 events. At Greenwood his five bas weighed a total of 11 pounds 4 ounces. Brian concentrated in the north end of the lake fishing shallow weeds with an assortment of baits including a Pop-R, a Picasso spinnerbait, a Fin-S fish, and a 4" black power worm. Brian managed to catch his limit by 8:15am and culled a few times through the rest of the day.

Continuing with an excellent returning season with Bergen, Eric Lehmann placed fourth at Greenwood. Eric's limit included a 4 pound 4 ounce largemouth that fell just one ounce short for the lunker prize. His total weight of 10 pounds 10 ounces, was caught mainly on a 4" camo power worm fished around docks in the northwest corner of the lake. The key was the depth as Eric claimed that the best docks had 7-8' of water off the ends. Hea also landed one bass on a Pop-R early in the morning. In total, Eric caught 7 keepers and had his limit around noon.

Rounding out the top five was Scott Mitchell. Scott's kicker bass weighing 4 pounds 4 ounces anchored his limit which totaled 10 pounds 2 ounces and also fell only one ounce short of the lunker. Scott used 7" black power worms and also a rattlin rogue fished over the weeds to catch a toal of 6 keepers. With his strong finish here at Greenwood, Scott has moved up in the standings to challenge for a top six overall position.

The lunker for the tournament was caught by Bob Puente, who fished as a non-boater for this event. Bob landed two 4.5 pounders in practice and was onto some big fish. His lunker weighed 4 pounds 5 ounces and was caught mid-lake on the west bank on a spinnerbait fished over the weeds.

In total, the 33 members weighed in 96 bass for 180 pounds 8 ounces and recorded 10 5-bass limits.

All contents created 1998 by Mark B. Scocco.