Bass Fishing and the Internet

By: Mark Scocco

Bergen Bassmasters

The internet can provide the resourceful bass fisherman a wealth of knowledge. Countless web pages are devoted to bass fishermen, tackle, and general bass fishing know how. By spending a little time browsing, an angler can find out new lures hitting the market, search for a new bass boat, and even get information on a certain body of water.

There are a few sites such as FISHING WORLD, that highlight tackle manufacturers, bass boat companies, magazines, tournament organizations, and even provide a news room for top stories in the world of fishing. Sites such as Anglers Online and the Bass Fishing Homepage, have chat rooms and message boards where anglers discuss places to fish, tactics and techniques, and rod and reel reviews. It is here that an angler can get tips on certain bodies of water, find out if a new reel has received good reviews, or what color is the best choice for certain water conditions.

Of course, numerous organizations are now located on the web. The Bass Anglers Sportsman Society and the Black Bass Foundation both have sites. Recently, State B.A.S.S. Federations and many clubs have been getting on-line. Organizations aren't the only ones. Tackle manufacturers such as Daiwa, Berkley, and Luhr Jensen are also now on-line highlighting their products. Bass boats companies such as Skeeter show their line of boats and even the colors and options that are available.

The internet is growing everyday and it is possible to find whatever type of information you may be looking for. Bass anglers who spend a little time can find some valuable information on the web. If you are having trouble finding what you want, use a search tool, enter what you want to search for, and begin browsing. Another option is to post a message on a message board and someone could point you in the right direction. It is simply amazing the new information available to bass fishermen all over the country, one only need to "search" and ye shall find.


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